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Maybe you know me from one of the several Pop Culture blogs I’ve written in the past. Or, maybe you know me through the seven years I was the owner and editor (and music reviews writer, band interviewer, marketing and promo coordinator) of Revolt Music Magazine. We might have become buddies via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe we met at a fundraiser to help support bulldogs in-need. However our paths crossed– whether in-person or via social media, if you know me then you also know Oliver, my bulldog. In case you’re not sure if you have the right Oliver, let me break it down for you:

  • Oliver, of ABC7’s “Big Dog Sunday” fame (Fame is subjective. He was on three times. Throw us a bone. HarHarHar. Get it? Ahem.)
  • #oliverthemoonwalkingbulldog on Instagram.
  • Oliver, (in)famous for Puke Fest 2012 at the Bullypalooza fundraiser for MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ.
  • Oliver, famous for his puppy blog, Adventures with Oliver.
  • Oliver, the best butt wiggler in the world.

This face!

After being shaken to the core by a scary anaphylactic reaction that in the moment I casually brushed off as “no big deal” when I quite literally could have died, I took some time to think about life and how we muddle up everything with bullshit. We make our lives so much more difficult than they need to be. Don’t roll your eyes at me. As humans, we totally screw up our lives and complicate them way beyond the way we were intended to live. It wasn’t until I explored my life more in-depth that I realized there is always room to be a better human being. And it wasn’t until I looked back on the past six years that I learned I could easily have been a better human, if I would have looked at how Oliver lived his life.

Yes, you read that right. I know, it sounds weird. My bulldog has shown me how to be a better human.

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