Lesson: Me Time

Oliver had a very large group of dog friends and we would meet them almost daily at our local park. While some dogs played with balls and toys, other dogs chased each other and played roughly. Oliver would often go off on his own at some point and spend a large portion of time by himself. While I would wonder if he was defective because he was so antisocial, Oliver would get into his favorite position–butt up in the air, chest to the grouns–and he would simply chew on his ball. He was quite content to be alone and have his “me time” while the dogs soaked up the energy of playing with each other. He simply wanted some personal space to destroy his (and his friends’) balls and toys.

Why do we, as humans, often feel guilty when we do something special for ourselves or when we take some time to do something alone that we enjoy? Maybe you like to get a massage or get your nails done or go to the gym or go out for lunch by yourself. But sometimes there is guilt attached to doing something for ourselves. We treat these things are something special and almost decadent, as if we don’t necessarily deserve to set aside time for ourselves.

Do you make time for yourself? What is something special you do to rejuvenate your mind, body and/or spirit?


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