Lesson: Gifts

Oliver brought so many gifts into my life, one of the biggest being all of the new people I have met because of him. While I met so many people during Oliver’s life by attending fundraisers and taking him to play in the park, there is a special group of friends that I have come to know only recently. It is not lost on me that this lovely group of friends came into my life after Oliver passed away. They are funny and sweet and are all crazy bulldog moms. It was as though Oliver was saying to me, “I’m gone now and I know you need support. Here are people who understand the love you have for me and the grief you are working through.”

Yesterday was Oliver’s “Gotcha Day,” meaning we brought him home to live with us on January 16, 2011. It’s a sad day now that he is gone. And interestingly enough, a “girls day” was randomly organized for the same day with this group of friends. We had discussed getting together for a while now, outside of the bulldog fundraisers we attend and it took some time to come to fruition. It was synchronicity that it occurred on Oliver’s “Gotcha Day”–a day when I would have spent time at home, feeling sad he is gone. Instead, I was surrounded by these beautiful chicks with their sweet, lovely, and kind personalities. All of whom understand my love for Oliver and my grief. We laughed and talked and I felt so good inside… on a day that I could have easily spent at home, crying in this grief that is never-ending.

Life is full of these moments and I haven’t any doubt the Universe was giving me what I needed yesterday: some time with some people who understand me. It couldn’t be simpler and it couldn’t have come on a more perfect day.

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