Lesson: Fears


Fear, stress, and anxiety are emotions that are quite tortuous to our minds, bodies, and souls. When I fear something, it manifests in the form of panic attacks. It doesn’t happen often but there are times when I will avoid situations just to avoid the panic and anxiety I feel. And what is so interesting is that often the stress and fear leading up to something is far worse than the actual situation itself.

Oliver was afraid of many things and a lot of those fears were strange. Still, they were legitimate fears for him. Whether it was a dish towel hanging slightly askew in the kitchen, the reflection he saw in our hardwood floors (#oliverthemoonwalkingbulldog), or perhaps a giant pile of dirt–they were all straight up fears. He had to learn to trust me when I told him “it’s okay” and while it may have taken a few minutes, he would always (ultimately) trust me.

As humans, we often refuse to trust when we experience fear. Fight or flight reactions may kick in. Watching this video of Oliver is a perfect representation of him learning to trust me. Had he not, he would not have spent an hour enjoying himself in the park. We need to learn to be more trusting and not let fear dictate our reactions.

What are you most afraid of? How do you combat that fear, or do you avoid situations that will provoke a reaction that doesn’t make you comfortable?

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