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I began my writing career in the third grade when asked to complete a story my teacher read to the class. The story was about a girl who lived on a planet that never experienced sunshine, only rain. The people of the planet were told the sun would shine for only one day. The students were asked to write a paragraph on what we believed to have happened in the story once the sun became visible on the planet. While my sweet classmates finished the story with tales of families dancing in their first taste of sunshine, I completed the story in the following manner:

"Margot was afraid of the sun so she locked herself in a closet where her parents couldn't find her. She suffocated and died."

Since the third grade, I'd like to believe my writing style has developed thanks to my time serving as the former owner, editor, music reviewer, band interviewer and "Jill-of-all-trades" of Revolt Media, a popular online music magazine. During my seven years running Revolt, I had the opportunity to interview many well-known bands, musicians, actors and comedians.

After experiencing a turbulent few years, I am in the process of writing this memoir that I know will leave its readers in tears of laughter and moments of thought. It is the story of how I learned to be a better human being-- all thanks to Oliver, my bulldog.


Our lives are our stories, our realities, our dreams. We are not perfect and were never meant to be. It is through mistakes, actions and reactions that we learn and grow. It took a near-death experience and a bulldog named Oliver to open my eyes to the gentle reminders we need to be better humans. There aren't any coincidences in life, only synchronicities. Oliver was destined to choose me for his Mom because there were lessons only he could teach me to keep me on my path. We all have a purpose in life. This memoir is mine.


Oliver Gibbons


A terrorist puppy that grew into a sweet and sour young man. Oliver chose Sherri for a "Mom" because Sherri had some lessons to learn and he was the right dog for the job.


Sherri Gibbons

Author & Oliver's Mom

Life would be much simpler if we stripped away the bullshit and lived with open minds and hearts. I needed Oliver much more than he ever needed me.